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Many routers like D-Link, Netgear and Linksys use IP as default IP address. This IP address does not used in many other devices. However, it is common thing to face problem in router and there are many ways to check the device through the IP address. As those routers and modems use IP address in the device. This is why, when you want to check the connection of the router, then you need to use ping command. The ping command works with the “ping”. You can use this ping command from the Command Prompt. From the start menu, there will be a “Run” box and you need to type “CMD”. Then the Command Prompt Window will be appeared. There you can type “Ping” but the result will get shortly. If you want to get response continuously, then you need to use command “ping -t”.
The command “ping -t” is called continuous ping. The command “ping -t” is written ping then give a space type the IP address now give space and type the dash and use “t”. When you use this command in the command prompt, then the CMD will give you output continuously. However, mainly the continuous ping is used for checking the internet connectivity always. It will give you internet report. You need use this command “ping -t” when everything Ok. Sometimes you cannot identify the overall problems of internet. You have to check everything step by step. There are many network problems and you need to identify the problem to get uninterrupted internet connection. However, if you use “ping -t” command then you can solve the problem faster.
Some experts use “ping” command and some other use “ping -t”. From the first command, you can know the result of the router and computer connectivity and from the 2nd command you can know the continuous internet connectivity. By the “ping -t” command, you can learn internet data sending and receiving status with ping. By the ping command you can learn about the connection status between computer and router. Without using internet, you can use the “ping -t” command. You can use this “ping -t” command for the D-Link, Linksys, Netgear and TP-Link routers. Because those routers use IP address as default. However, you can use the ping command for the modem if the modem supports same IP address. If your device uses different IP address, the you need to change the IP address from the device.
However, the Ping is also called a ping and Ping -t is called continuous ping. Both are necessary and it is based on the necessary. Through the ping command (ping 4 packets data are sent but that must not be enough. For letting know the detail of ping report and router connectivity, you have to use Ping command more and more. That is why, you need to use Ping -t command. This command gives the solution of Ping command more and more. Now you do not need to type the same command again and again. For the -t with the command, the continuity of the ping command starts. You can stop or pause the continuous ping by pressing CTL+ C or you can press CTL + Break from the keyword. When you press those key from keyboard, then you will get summery till the last moment of continuity of ping. The result will be like the command “ping”.
When the continuous ping runs, then you can see the result of every second. You can see the number or the percentage of lost package. You can get the response time from the continuous result. You can understand the connection status like the connection is stable or not from the result. If you get “reply from”, then you can understand that the connection is stable. If you get message “Request timed out” continually, then the connection is working. If you get result combination of “Request timed out” and “reply from” then the connection does not stable. You can check other devices where the IP address is setup. You can use “ping -t” for printer and server where the IP address is used. However, if you still do not get it, then you can search the video on YouTube related with continuous ping “ping -t”.
However, you should know the Ping status review. There are some terms you will get from the result of the “ping -t”. From the “Reply from”, you can know about the source or destination. If you get 0% loss from the result, then it means that stable connection and connection is still working without any problem. If you see “Request timed out”, then it means that connection or the host is not working. However, if you get continuous message of “Request timed out”, then you should check the connection. The problem may occur from the lose cable connection. If you get message of “unknown host”, then the PC cannot identify or cannot recognize the IP address. Sometimes message may come for the hardware error. Then you need to check the hardware and cable connection. If you find problem in router, then you should contact with vendor for fixing the issue.
If you break the continuous Ping “ping -t”, then you will get summery. You can analysis the ping result or summery. On the summery, you will get sent, received and lost. Usually send and receive data remain equal and lost packets equal to 0%. If you get 100% loss, then your connection is not available. If it happens, then you need to check the IP address and firewall. Sometimes firewall blocks the IP address. Then you have to unblock the ping from firewall. You can try to restart the router. You can ping -t from another computer but before connect the router with that computer first. Then you can identify the properly.
So, from the above we have understood that the importance of “ping -t”. If you want to understand the problem of internet connection and router response, then you need to use the command “ping -t”. Without this command it may not be possible to identify the network error. Whenever, you have faced some networking problem, then you need to use the “ping -t”. It is enough to identify the problem. Usually, you have to use this command “ping -t” to know more about the connection and router at free of cost. You can try this command if your connection is still ok.